Show Your Fins Presents the Wave of Season Contest 🏄🏾‍♀️ Enter to Win $1,500 Cash Prize

Show Your Fins Presents the Wave of Season Contest | Enter to Win $1,500 Cash Prize!

Show Your Fins Presents the Wave of Season Contest
--> Currently October - February 2022 <---

5-Steps to Enter the $1,500 Cash Prize Contest:

  1. Purchase your Show Your Fins Hat and an SYF Surfboard Sticker. Alternatively you may purchase the sticker alone, up to you. This is your contest entry fee(s). However, each item is another pic/video that you can submit. More Items = More Entries = More Chances to Win.
  2. Bonus Points = Slap the Sticker on your stick (surfboard) and wear your Show Your Fins Hat...then take a photo and tag @ShowYourFins. Show us your lifestyle.
  3. Select your BEST surfing pic/video or snap a new pic/video of you shredding a wave. This could be an OLD shot or NEW shot, but it MUST be a NEW Instagram (IG) post. If it's already posted then re-post that shot!
  4. Submit your pic/video by tagging your NEW post with @ShowYourFins and we'll do the same for you.
  5. Email or IG Message your FULL NAMEIG NAME, and ENTRY FEE (receipt) to

1st Place Winner will receive $1,000 Cash Prize. Five(5) additional winners will receive their split of the remaining $500. One(1) winner will receive a Local Event Sponsorship Award (see below).

Local Event Sponsorship

We find a local event in your hometown and represent you! Bring your family and friends to hang at the Show Your Fins tent. Win, lose, or draw; it’s YOUR party..have fun!
Video submissions are automatically entered to win Local Event Sponsorship
We highly recommend that you work that wave - competition style!
Order your Show Your Fins hat and/or sticker today to begin your contest entry then show us your wave!


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