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---------------->>>>> Grom Attack Surf Series!

Show Your Fins and Vikings Surf Camp presents the
2022 Season - Grom Attack! Surf Series
---> $600 in Cash & Prizes <---
Winners will take home their share of $600 in Cash & Prizes!
Contest Divisions
---> 15U Boys
---> 15U Girls
---> 11U Open Push
---> 16U Open Longboard
Grom Attack Surf Series is a Surf Contest formatted as a Surf Clinic. This contest focuses on Hard Charging Groms who are being groomed as future competitors in the sport. There is a method and strategy to competition surfing. Learning how to score points and work the heat is critical to advance. Therefore, surfers participating in the Grom Attack Surf Series will receive the best of both worlds; a chance to compete with other local shredders and hands on training tips from experienced surf guru's before and after the heat. You will LEVEL-UP as a surf competitor after participating in the Grom Attack!
Grom Attack will take place on the beaches of South Florida. The exact break locations are TBD.
Grom Attack will run on Sunday, December 4th in Jupiter, Florida! Awesome waves on projected and we are excited to see everyone!
We will be accepting the first 48 Surfers --> x12 Surfers for the 15 Boys, x12 Surfers for the U15 Girls, x12 Surfers for the 11U Open Push Divisions, and x12 Surfers for the 16U Open Longboard. ****Grom Attack entries are officially closed and the Heats are set! Stay tuned for results!****
IMPORTANT STEP: Authorize the contest waiver to complete registration:
Grom Attack! Spots by Divisions:
*********15U Boys
Wynter Larrabee
Kydon Larrabee
Lachlan McMichael
Maddox Zaskey
*********15U Girls
Brianna Beller
Madison Bennett
Sofia Gamboa
Tessa Mazzota
Gianna Mazzota
Carly Wittbold
Ashley Van Voast
Marlynn Glaub
Jordana Doyle
Moraya Prince
Ella Ventzek
*********U11 Open Push
Gabby Olivera
Myelle Wittbold
Kai Leavins
Benjamin Alijamal
Nico Lopez
Zack Trujillo
Josh Kogan
Delilah Fretz
*********U16 Open Longboard
Madison Bennet
Wynter Larrabee
Kydon Larrabee
Brianna Beller

Past Grom Attack! Contests

2021 Grom Attack! [Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida] Spots by Divisions:
U14 Boys
1. Ian Honda
2. Sam Eastaugh
3. Noam Ross
4. Lorenzo Cantuaria
5. Kai Marcano
6. Evan Cutt
7. Cody Halliwell
U14 Girls
1. Sofi Gamboa
2. JoJo Doyle
3. Madison Bennet
4. Marlynn Glaub
5. Summer Bistyga
6. Gianna Mazzota
7. Tessa Mazzota
8. Carly Wittbold
9. Ella McGowan
10. Lila McGowan
11. Bailey Arenas
12. Lylee Arens
U9 Open Push
1. Zoey Honda
2. Josh Kogan
3. Zach Raue
4. Nicolas Cantuaria
5. Nathan Rymarz
6. Noah Seyba
7. Skye Madey
8. Benicio Chierichella
9. Faustino Chierichella
10. Nico Gimeno
11. Hogan McGowan
12. Myelle Wittbold

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